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R-Series: Relay Based

Stand-Alone Lighting Control System Built for Almost Any Application.

Start with a robust foundation based on the very popular Bantam stand-alone lighting control system from PLCBuildings. Add-on even more standard features for daylight harvesting and programming. Then stack as many relays needed by your application , up to 48. What you have is the BantamX, an all-in-one lighting control system that allows you to specify 8, 16, 24, 36, 40 or 48 relays, in one enclosure. Best of all, the BantamX comes loaded with many of the standard features you’d expect to find only in much more expensive systems.


Loaded with Features

• Specify 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 relays
• 4 enclosure sizes
• Pre-programmed control strategies
• 4 analog Channels for Dimming
• Graphic interface with integral keypad
• Reliable 20A mechanically latching relays
• Multiple scheduling options – Normal Time, Astro Time, Open/Close Time
• 16 CAN bus digital switch stations
• Up to 48 switch inputs for low voltage switches, occupancy sensors or other dry-contact inputs
• 4 analog inputs for PLCSensors
• Micro SD card for data storage/updates


Simple All-In-One Lighting Control

The BantamX, from PLCBuildings, is ideal for most contractors. The installation is fast and efficient
because everything that’s needed is already built-in. Standard features that make BantamX easy in the start-up and trouble-free over the long haul.

Suited for Any Application

You can count on the BantamX to work perfectly in almost any lighting control situation that doesn’t
need a network. You can utilize the many features of BantamX in office buildings, shopping malls,
schools or any application that needs an off-the-shelf solution for complex lighting control.

Pre-programmed for Fast Startup

Select one of many pre loaded profiles, created to enable you to quickly select and launch this system
with minimal button pushing.

BantamX is a Winner, No Matter How You Stack it!

Feature packed, easy to install and extremely versatile, the BantamX will fast become your favorite
lighting control system for use in almost any application. Start with 8 relays and the capabilities for
daylight harvesting, scheduling and occupancy sensing. Then you add more relays, 8 at a time, to suit
whatever size application you need it for.

It’s Never Been Simpler to Have Complex Lighting Control




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