LC8-1, LC8-2

Lighting Control System
The LC81, LC82 photo sensor lighting control systems automatically switch dry contacts in response to changes in natural daylight. The LC81, LC82 controllers are available in a Basic(B) model as well as a
Standard(S) model.

The LC81-B, LC82-B systems include one or two LC8 control boards, internal Hand/Off/Auto Switch per LC8, terminal blocks and one or two 20A switching relays housed in a NEMA 1 hinged door enclosure. The systems include one CES sensor.

The LC81-S, LC82-S is expanded to include an on-door illuminated HOA switch, fused input power, and room for other options such as a 24hr time-clock or additional 20A power circuits housed in a larger NEMA 1 enclosure. The LC8 based systems are capable of switching control of incandescent, fluorescent and HID lighting loads. An optional 1/2 hour “Hold On” timer may be ordered to prevent the short cycling of HID lamps. The dual setpoint system precisely switches loads according to the selected light level confi guration. LOW and HIGH light levels are calibrated to their setpoints at the control board. As the sensor detects a diminishing light level that corresponds with the LOW setpoint, the control board matches the two signals and the lights are switched ON. As the sensor detects an increasing light level, the control board’s HIGH setpoint switches the lights OFF. The LOW and HIGH setpoint separation creates a “deadband”.

This prevents the sensor from switching light levels between the setpoints, thus eliminating nuisance or intermittent changes. To assure optimum performance and highest standards, all electronic components are of computer grade quality and assembled onto a fiberglass epoxy circuit board. All components are factory tested to assure maximum reliability. The entire assembly is mounted in a NEMA 1 hinged door enclosure with the high and low voltage components separated by a barrier. The Basic size is used with limited outputs and options. The larger Standard size is used when the application requires more options or additional circuits. The system is constructed to UL508A standards and each unit carries an Electrical Testing Laboratories label. The advantages of using the LC81, LC82 lighting control system are found in stability, versatility, quality and accuracy. The LC81, LC82 offers a complete, stand-alone system package. Once mounted, the sensor, power and lighting loads need only to be wired, and the system is ready to operate.


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