Stand-Alone Lighting Control System Built for Almost Any Application

The Bantam is an easy to use, quick to install, single panel lighting control system which doesn’t require any contractor assembly. The Bantam provides automatic control of high-voltage lighting circuits based on panel switches, occupancy sensors, photocells, astronomical time, and time schedules. Up to 48 switch inputs, four analog photosensor inputs, sixteen digital switches, astronomical clock and seven day clock are integrated into the controller.

The Bantam is designed specifically for small buildings with up to 48 lighting zones, which can be used for interior office, retail space, and lobbies as well as exterior parking lots and courtyards. Interior lighting can incorporate after-hour overrides with timed sweeps or with sentry type line voltage switches. Exterior lighting can use an astronomical clock, dry contact, or analog photosensor inputs.

Best of all, the Bantam comes loaded with many of the standard features you’d expect to find only in much more expensive systems.

It’s Never Been Simpler to Have Complex Lighting Control



  • Specify 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48 relays
  • 4 enclosure sizes
  • Pre-programmed control strategies
  • 4 analog Channels for Dimming
  • Graphic interface with integral keypad
  • Reliable 20A mechanically latching relays
  • Multiple scheduling options – Normal Time, Astro Time, Open/Close Time
  • 16 CAN bus digital switch stations
  • Up to 48 switch inputs for low voltage switches, occupancy sensors or other dry-contact inputs
  • 4 analog inputs for PLCSensors
  • Micro SD card for data storage/updates


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