The Nebula lighting control system from PLCBuildings offers Full-2Way remote network lighting control with easy installation and even easier operation. The Nebula offers the ability to have a robust lighting control network that is both inexpensive to install and easy to expand. The network consists of a Nucleus controller connected to Load Switching Satellites using two 24V signal wires. These are controlled by Command Satellites which are also wired directly to the Full-2Way network. The Nebula evolves as you do.

The Nucleus is the center of everything.

A key element to the operation of the Nebula is the Nucleus. This is the core unit that powers the entire network. The Nucleus is available in 3 different versions – Nucleus Basic, Nucleus Time and Nucleus Integrated. Each offers a robust selection of standard components as well as a variety of expanded capabilities, including remote access via the web. The Nucleus is wired to the power source and then communicates to all the Satellites via two 24V signal wires.LPE Series is the “Enhanced” version of PLC-Multipoint’s multiplex transmission Full-2Way remote lighting control system. It uses just two 24 V signal wires for all of the switches on a network, and controls lighting using mechanically latching relays. This reduces the number of wires needed compared to conventional control wiring.

Satellites that extend the network.

While the Nucleus powers the network, the Satellites are the network. There are two types of Satellites. The first are the Load Switching Satellites which utilize Panasonic latching relays to power all the light fixtures in your network. These Satellites allow you to extend and alter the Nebula lighting control network to suit
your specific application. They are available in 3 different load options.

Satellites that command the network.

The second type of Satellites command the network. Wired directly into the 24V signal wires, these Satellites provide command of the Load Switching Satellites from anywhere within the network. There is a wide range of Command Satellites available, incorporating occupancy and daylight sensing, as well as traditional manual switching.

Maximum flexibility and savings.

The most significant aspect of the Nebula is something you don’t see – the wiring. Connecting all these components are just two ± 24V signal wires. It’s fast, cost-effective and simple. The Nebula is a lighting control network that’s easy to install and expand, making it ideal for both retrofit applications and new construction.

The power to go almost anywhere.

The Nebula from PLCBuildings is built on a solid foundation of high-quality components from Panasonic and PLC. Because of this, the Nebula comes with the unending support of both these industry leaders. You can be assured in the knowledge that no matter what your lighting challenge, the solution is out there, in the Nebula.

Nucleus Central Controller

The Nucleus controllers are all loaded with standard features, providing maximum capabilities and flexibility. Each controller provides Full-2Way network capability using just two ± 24V signal wires. The Nucleus also provides operation using a timeclock as well as daylight and occupancy sensors. Select one of the following controllers to be the Nucleus of your Nebula lighting control network.

Nucleus Basic

This is the “basic” version, loaded with all the standard features of the Nucleus controllers.

Nucleus Time

This controller offers multiple energy saving operation options for dimming and photo sensing. It also provides a variety of user-selectable pre-programmed functions that include sweep and time scheduling.

Nucleus Integrated

The Nucleus Integrated controller features enhanced communication capabilities which enable protocols for Modbus, BACnet, Ethernet and the web. Optional operator interfaces include a touchscreen display and web server.


Satellites offer the capabilities to expand and manage an off-the-
shelf yet totally customizable lighting control network. Each Satellite connects to the network using the Full-2Way system, providing maximum flexibility for a minimal cost.

Load Switching Satellites

4P6 Four Pole, 6A
1P20 One Pole, 20A
2P20 Two Pole, 20A

Command Satellites

Manual Switches
Pilot 1 to 4 Button (Large Buttons)
Paradigm 1 to 4 & 8 Button (Small Buttons)
Push Touchscreen Control

Automated Occupancy Sensors

Ceiling Standard, Auxiliary, Amplifier
High Bay Standard, Auxiliary
Wall Standard, Auxiliary

Automated Photo Sensors

F2W Indoor
CES Indoor, Outdoor, Skylight, Atrium
MAS Indoor, Outdoor, Skylight, Atrium


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