Full 2-WAY Remote Lighting Control System
The LPE Series is the “Enhanced” version of PLC-Multipoint’s multiplex transmission Full-2Way remote lighting control system. It uses just two 24 V signal wires for all of the switches on a network, and controls lighting using mechanically latching relays. This reduces the number of wires needed compared to conventional control wiring.

The system is cost-effective and easily-confi gurable with programming and accessories. Centralized monitoring and control of lighting can handle up to 256 circuits per system, and it is logically capable of turning up to 127 groups of lights on and off in an entire section of any application area. Up to 72 control patterns can be programmed to match work schedules or habits, allowing for maximum occupant
satisfaction while achieving energy and operating cost savings.

The LPE is easily confi gurable to match a daily schedule for lights to be automatically turned on and off. Passive infrared motion sensor control is also offered to turn on and off lighting depending on occupancy of a monitored building space. For additional energy savings, indoor daylight sensors are available which respond to the brightness of the environment.

In addition to the capabilities above, this system offers added energy saving possibilities by adding optional components such as; dimmer controls; and PLCSensors line of CES sensors for indoor, outdoor, atrium and skylight applications. Finally, the LPE series offers a variety of user-selectable programmed operational functions such as: photo control, sweep and time scheduling.


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