Iris-SlideThe Iris Slide is a cost-effective and energy efficient way to electronic control ballast lighting. Combining the Iris sensor with the Slide Control switch, it provides the savings of daylight harvesting with the flexibility of slide control dimming. This gives you the ability to minimize electrical usage across a room’s ballast-driven lighting while still having the ability to slide-dim or even shut-off the lighting. All done at the source, using just a single sensor and a switch.

Daylight harvesting from as many as fifty ballasts, with only one sensor.
A key component to the Iris Slide is the Iris sensor. The Iris sensor will achieve specified light levels by measuring the amount of existing daylight in a room and supplementing with light from fluorescent fixtures. This class 2 adjustable sensor is photodiode based and can be used to control up to fifty 0-10VDC fluorescent dimming ballasts.

Slide control gives you maximum lighting options.
Another key element of the Iris Slide is the Slide Control switch. This switch provides the ability to turn the lights on or off, or anything in between. The device provides flicker-free dimming of each fixture’s output, from 100% all the way down to 5%. It also provides a choice of 120VAC or 277VAC, in either a single-pole or 3-way device.

LEED benefits with minimal expense.
These days it’s all about being “Green”. The LEED Green Building Rating System is leading the way in defining building standards. The cost-effective Iris Slide is a great way for you to meet some of those standards while staying within a stringent budget.

A perfect solution for small offices and classrooms.
The Iris Slide allows you to take advantage of a room’s existing daylight, supplement it with the overhead fluorescent lighting and then slide dim the lighting to any level you need. In offices and classrooms the occupants can dim or shut-off the room lighting for overhead presentations, smartboard demonstrations or any other circumstance where special lighting is required. The Iris Slide can be installed quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring. Imagine, daylight harvesting and fluorescent light dimming, without the need for complex lighting control panels.

An ideal lighting solution.
If you are searching for an inexpensive way to combine daylight harvesting and dimming control using a single manual switch, the Iris Slide is a perfect solution. Talk to us about ways to incorporate it into your next project.


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