LCM-IE System

Lighting Control System
The LCM-IE series control panel is a cost-effective and easily configurable stand-alone contactor-based lighting control system with programming specifically optimized for basic interior and/or exterior applications. It is capable of supporting 2, 3, 4 or 6 zones with photo control, basic time clock, remote switching and timed override with sweep sequence programs for each zone.

A maximum of four (4) contactors can be accommodated in each 2- or 3-zone and six (6) contactors in each 4- or 6-zone main panel. In addition, up to twelve (12) contactors are available in each expansion panel. Contactors are available in 4- and 8-pole configurations.

The four line LCD screen prompts the user to enter photo sensor set point limits and time schedules which are saved in fl ash memory. Adjustments to the settings and schedules can be made with push buttons on the controller face.

Timed functions are controlled by an internal real-time clock. The battery-backed clock is accurate to one second per month and can be adjusted for drift. Timed circuits are automatically adjusted for daylight savings time and leap year unless otherwise specified.

The LCM-IE series advantages include stability, versatility, quality and accuracy. Once mounted, the sensor, power, and lighting loads need only to be wired and the LCM is ready to operate. The system controller has specific application control strategies that are matched with the appropriate sensor to create optimal packaging and system efficiency.


Brochure – C-Series
Data Sheets – LCM-IE.pdf, LCM-ACCESSORIES.pdf
Application Notes – LCM-IE.pdf
Specifications – LCM-IE.pdf
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Installation and Maintenance Manual – LCM-IE.pdf
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